Burger and Lobster Mayfair

If you don’t like lobster or burgers then run for your life as this restaurant serves only these. There’s no menu, the waiter simply tells you and there are three options to choose from:

  1. Whole Lobster (steamed or steamed then grilled) served with garlic and lemon butter, fries and salad.
  2. Lobster Roll; this is the lobster flesh taken out of the shell and served in a brioche hot dog bun with some eye-watering wasabi mayo, fries and salad.
  3. Burger with cheese and bacon, fries and salad.

All three are priced at £20 each.

We arrived to be greeted on the door by a rather friendly chap who informed us of the two and a half hour waiting time for a table. 7 o’clock is clearly the worst time to get a table, either arrive very early or very late. The bar isn’t big enough for you to wait so you leave your number and they contact you when it’s available.

Two hours later my gentleman companion and I arrive back and luckily get a table pretty quickly. The restaurant seems very ‘of the moment’ hence the huge waiting time. On my way to the toilet I spotted Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud and Sid Owen from Eastenders – it’s not very often we get to share a dining room with such A-listers.

The staff here are all so friendly, our waitress spoke to us like we were old school friends, you couldn’t help but like her. The decor isn’t particularly exciting or cutting edge – there’s lots of wood everywhere resemblant of a log cabin – but it’s pleasant enough.

My gentleman companion went for the burger with bacon and cheese. At £20 it is overpriced but this is probably to allow for the lobster being so cheap. The side salad, topped with parmesan, was very delicious. The burger was good quality, juicy and meaty but didn’t quite have the same wow factor as the burgers at Meat Liquor/Meat Market.

I went for the lobster steamed then grilled and having never had a whole lobster before I was a little nervous. I wore my bib given to me by the waitress and picked up my lobster fork and I was a happy boy. She told me the aim of the game was to use the sharp end to get as much lobster out as I could.

The fries were perfectly cooked with a crunchy outside and the butter was absolutely incredible. If I had any left I would have drunk it. Dunking the lobster with a handful of fries into the butter was a mouthful of pure heaven. If I died when I left Burger and Lobster (most likely from clogged arteries) I would have died a happy man.

This place is seriously good fun and definitely worth the wait. If you get the burger you might be wondering why your wallet’s just left £20 lighter. If you get the lobster, you feel like they’ve made a mistake on the bill and you’ve actually been undercharged. Wear your bib with pride and wave your lobster fork in the air like you just don’t care, this place is great.


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