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Having been to Meatliquor and loving their heart attack inducing, grease laden burgers, my gentleman companion and I couldn’t resist going to their new venture Meatmarket. With views over the rather run-down Jubilee Market Hall in Covent Garden, this place is rather difficult to find.

It’s more of a diner than a restaurant and the whole place feels like it could do with a good squirt of Dettol – even though that is the desired look. You order at the counter, try and find a seat at a clean bench and wait for the server to call your name when your food is ready.

I ordered a Dead Hippie (two beef patties, lettuce, cheese, pickles, minced white onion and dead hippie sauce), fries and a bottomless soda. The whole thing came to £13. You might think that’s a lot of dollar for a posh McDonald’s but these burgers are seriously worth it.

It wasn’t the most attractive looking thing but it was everything you could possibly want from a dirty burger. The beef patty (cooked medium rare) was well made and didn’t fall apart as you ate it. My arteries cried out with relief at the addition of the lettuce. My only criticism would be for £7.50 the burger could have been bigger. With every mouthful of perfectly cooked fries it was like being slapped round the face with a salt lick. I like my fries salty and these were certainly that.


My gentleman companion ordered some Corn Puppies (£4) which are mini deep fried battered hot dogs. They were served with an oily mustard dip which was delicious.


My gentleman companion’s Double Bubble (2 beef patties, cheese, pickles, minced white onion, ketchup and mustard) tasted the same as my Dead Hippie but without the lettuce. These burgers are never going to be endorsed by Weight Watchers- the buns looked like they had been sprayed with grease but it tasted so good. The gooey cheese was the perfect glue to stick the whole thing together. The crunch from the pickles was the perfect contrast to the wet and juicy meat.

This is a trendy place to eat delicious burgers. We went on a Sunday at 3pm and sat straight down but as more and more people find out about Meatmarket, I’m sure you’ll start finding long queues. If you want to grab a quick burger then this is the place to come. If you want to sit down, in the warmth and take your time over it then go to Meatliquor. Both serve devilishly delicious burgers.


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