Pitt Cue Co Trailer

Let me bring you up to speed. Something called The Pitt Cue Co Trailer used to reside under the leaky Hungerford Bridge on the Southbank. It was a hit and everybody loved their pulled pork and burnt ends. They then realised they’d make loads more money opening a restaurant in Soho – so they did – and the trailer left the Southbank. The restaurant serves the same food with a few added extras and specials. It’s a tiny restaurant seating only 30 and the queue to get a table is on average about two hours.

So where does that leave us now? Well the trailer is back – slap bang in front of Wagamamas on the Soutbank this time – I bet they just love their new view of the back of a trailer. But thank God it’s back.

I awoke on Saturday morning with possibly the worst hangover I have ever experienced. At 6pm, having not eaten a thing all day, I decided the time had come to fill my gut and the Pitt Cue Co Trailer was my destination.

I waddled my way down along the river and arrived to see the trailer like a mirage in the desert.

The menu is on a piece of A4 paper stuck to the front and the two specials I was hoping for were sold out. It left me with no choice but to go for the pulled pork box with pickles and sourdough which comes with a choice of slaw or beans (I naturally went for slaw as anything with beans in it is disgusting). There were about seven staff behind the counter who, once I’d placed my order, awkwardly stood there, staring at me wondering why I was shivering and shaking back and forth. Not a moment too soon the man serving me slopped some pulled pork meat into a box but accidentally splashed pork juice all over my hair. It was quite a low point in my life having seven people watch me dab my head with a napkin I must say. I took my box and sat next to the trailer on some kind of upturned plastic bucket and devoured what was on my lap.

The pulled pork was 100% delicious. It was incredible. There was a big chunk of pork which was so tender it fell apart in my mouth. The sourdough bread was chewy, thick and the perfect tool to mop up the rich sauce. The slaw was tangy and the crunch was the perfect contrast. This was a little box of heaven. However priced at £7.50 it is quite expensive as you don’t get masses of pork. The box (along with my hair) had sauce splashed all up the side – some more care in serving wouldn’t have gone amiss.

The crispy pickled shiitake mushrooms (£3.50) were also a winner. The batter was light and crisp and the mushrooms had bags of flavour. The little dollop of sweet and spicy tomato chutney was the perfect accompaniment.

All washed down with a £2 can of Coke this was the perfect hangover cure. I walked off down the Southbank with a spring in my step and pork juice massaged into my scalp. Bliss.


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