Tommi’s Burger Joint

Say the word Iceland and the first thing that springs to mind is Kerry Katona endorsed frozen party platters for 34p. A trendy burger restaurant is definitely not the first thing you think of – but that is about to change.

The king of Icelandic burgers Tomas Tomasson (he’s the slightly crazy looking guy in the picture) has opened up Tommi’s Burger Joint on Marylebone Lane and I couldn’t resist the temptation to get down there and try it – on my own – to the annoyance of my gentleman companion.

The restaurant was small, seating just twenty five on high stools and had an American diner/Icelandic log cabin feel to it. The menu was very simple with beef, chicken or veggie burgers available. It was the standard burger shop format – menu on the wall, you order at the counter, give them your name and they shout it out when your food’s ready.

The bargain here seemed to be their “offer of the century” which got me a cheeseburger, fries and a can of something fizzy for £9.40.

The burger was wrapped in greaseproof paper and served in a basket – must be an Icelandic thing.

Quite simply, the cheeseburger was absolutely delicious. The beef patty was served pink (exactly how it should be) and had so much meaty flavour. Some lettuce, red onion and sliced tomato added the right amount of freshness to the gooey cheese. Compared to the burger at Meat Market (which I liked) – this one didn’t fall apart and turn to mush. This burger, with its soft bun, held its shape with just the right amount of greasy juiciness. It was perfect. It had so much flavour I completely forgot about extra ketchup and mayonnaise – it simply didn’t need it.

The fries were a little undercooked and therefore pale in colour. They were seasoned but I had to add an extra sprinkle of salt to give them a real kick. I obviously scoffed the lot but these were the weak link – amazing burger but disappointing fries.

The London burger market is a tough one but Tommi’s Burger Joint provided me with my favourite one yet. It was faultless – even the undercooked fries wouldn’t put me off going back.

I salute you Mr. Tomasson, you certainly know your burgers.


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