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Our first trip to Burger and Lobster in Mayfair was a resounding success and I couldn’t wait to go back. The news that a new B&L was opening on Dean Street in Soho could only sound like a good thing so I decided to pay it a visit with my parents and sister – who have never eaten a whole lobster before.

If you’re a little confused – Burger and Lobster (who will soon have a restaurant on every street in London) is owned by Goodman who currently have three steakhouses in London.

B&L serve just three dishes:

  1. Whole lobster steamed or grilled with clarified or garlic and lemon butter.
  2. Lobster roll served in a hot dog bun with a slick of wasabi mayo.
  3. Beef burger with optional cheese and bacon.

All three are served with fries and salad and cost £20 each. For a whole lobster that is incredible value but for a burger it’s not quite as an attractive offer.

The restaurant was huge with booth seating and a long bar by the entrance and a large table filled space out the back. Some exposed brick and wood panel walls made for a fairly plain interior but the relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff made us feel very comfortable.

We were seated in one of the booths at the front and got straight down to business. Three of us opted for the lobster but my whimpish sister ordered the burger.

We were provided with wet wipes, claw crackers, a lobster fork and a bib – an assortment of treats which only heightened our excitement of what was to come.

The whole steamed lobster with garlic and lemon butter was simply divine. The first thing I noticed was how fresh the lobster tasted – like it had come straight from the sea. The cooking was spot on too – not overcooked and chewy but instead sweet and succulent. Using the sharp lobster fork to dig out chunks of flesh from every nook and cranny was great fun. The fries were crunchy and salty – perfect for dunking in the garlic and lemon butter. The salad was dressed in a sweet yet tangy balsamic with some red onion, parmesan and crunchy croutons. I couldn’t fault a thing.

The burger was of superb quality and packed with coarsely ground beef and served pink. The strong cheese and smokey bacon made for the perfect combination.

A minor criticism would be that the table was too small for the four of us. Our bottle of plonk didn’t fit along with all the food, ketchup and mayo so had to be placed elsewhere.

Once we wet wiped ourselves down we decided to share both of the desserts on offer. The first was a chocolate mousse with a base of salted caramel and peanuts – a posh Snickers then. It was incredible – the smooth airy mousse with the thick salty caramel against the crunchy peanuts was a simple yet delightful dessert.

The second pud (also served simply in a small white tub) was unbaked raspberry cheesecake. The biscuit crumb was like sand and very smooth. The cheesecake mousse was light and the raspberry coulis was fresh and zingy. Both desserts were priced at £4.50 but were accidentally left off the bill (we only noticed once we’d left honest!) so Burger and Lobster, if you’re reading this, my Dad owes you £9 for two delicious desserts.

Our filter coffees were served in rather large mugs and were filled right to the brim not allowing for much milk to be added. Not the most heinous of crimes but I prefer a smaller cup myself.

We absolutely loved our trip to Burger and Lobster Soho – my parents have since become whole lobster converts and they dream of their next visit. As do I. B&L consistently provide perfectly cooked lobsters at very affordable prices in a relaxed and friendly environment. What a great idea.


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