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After a string of successful pop ups Patty&Bun has found itself a permanent home in James Street just round the corner from Selfridges. Being only a stones throw away from Meat Liquor and Tommi’s Burger Joint, this is the area you need to visit to get your burger fix.

The outside

The restaurant is only small, seating around 30 and has a very simple appearance. With wooden chairs, exposed piping and low hanging lights it isn’t the warmest place to sit but the loud reggae music gives the place a great atmosphere – it was a really fun place to be.

The inside

The menu is short and sweet with 3 different beef burgers, a lamb, a chicken and a mushroom burger available.

The menu

I opted for the Smokey Robinson Burger (£8) which was a beef patty with cheese, tomato, lettuce, mounds of caramelised onions, bacon, ketchup and smokey P&B sauce sandwiched between a soft sweet brioche bun. Good lord, this was a wet and sloppy delight – I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. It was seriously wet due to the onions and it struggled to stay together but it didn’t matter – it was so tasty. The beef patty was meaty and perfectly pink and the tomato and lettuce brought a much needed freshness. It was so good.

How they come

Smokey Robinson Burger

My gentleman companion opted for the Ari Gold Cheeseburger with added bacon (£7.50) which was the same as mine but instead of caramelised onions it had pickled onions. This burger held its shape much more and was nowhere near as wet but it tasted just as good. The streaky bacon was crispy (he thought it was a little chewy but I disagreed) and the crunchy tangy pickled onions worked beautifully with the beef.

Ari Gold

We ordered a side of smoked confit wings with barbecue sauce and spring onions (£5) and they were the best chicken wings we have ever eaten. The meat fell of the bones it was amazing and the sauce was sweet and sticky – I could have eaten hundreds of them!

Confit wings

The fries with rosemary salt (£2.50) had the skins on and reminded me of the fries at Honest Burger. They were seriously crunchy and salty which made them blissful to eat.


For dessert, 3 choc ices made especially for Patty&Bun by the Ice Cream Union were available (£2.95 each) and I couldn’t resist. I opted for the peanut butter which was simple but yummy. The peanut butter ice cream was covered in a bitter dark chocolate and it was a perfectly sweet end to my meal.

Peanut butter choc ice

Owner Joe Grossman served us throughout our lunch and was the perfect host. He’s a real character and certainly has plenty of passion for his burgers and I can see why – they’re ruddy lovely.


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