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Last year a restaurant called Meatliquor provided me with my first ever “dirty burger”. I remember it being greasy, drippy and messy to eat but above all it was ruddy delicious. Since then my burger obsession has taken me to Slider Bar, Burger Breakout, Honest Burger, Burger & Shake, Tommi’s Burger Joint, Patty&Bun, Burger & LobsterBRGR.CO and Dirty Burger and I’m still not bored! When I heard the people behind Meatliquor and Meatmarket were opening MeatMission I couldn’t resist going.

The outside

It’s based in a former Christian Mission in Hoxton Market (near Hoxton Square) and it’s a rather lovely space. The first of two dining rooms has a bar that looks like a birdcage, tables made from old planks of wood and a lit ceiling with a devilish version of the Last Supper shining down on you. The second dining room has more of a restaurant feel to it and will eventually take reservations – hoorah! Both dining rooms are dark and noisy but the sort of place you’d gladly sit down and devour a burger or two.

The inside

I decided to go for the bacon cheeseburger (£7) which is a thick beef patty with cheese, bacon, red onion, pickles, lettuce, mustard and ketchup. The patty had a strong waft of smokiness coming from the charred outside and then a juicy centre which was divine. Lots of bacon mashed together to form a sort of bacon patty was something so delicious I would have gladly eaten it on its own. I loved everything about this burger!

My gentleman companion went for the dirty chicken burger (£7) which was a deep fried chicken fillet with mayo, lettuce and red onion. The chicken was covered in a seriously crispy batter which encased succulent moist chicken – it was so good.

We ordered a side of monkey fingers (£7) which are battered fillets of marinated chicken covered in homemade chilli sauce. The chicken was soft and the sauce spicy which was soothed by a really strong blue cheese dip which was yummy. Monkey fingers don’t come cheap as they’re the same price as a burger but they’re totally worth it.

Bacon cheeseburger, Dirty Chicken burger and Monkey Fingers

We decided to share a portion of fries (£3) and we couldn’t finish them – it was a mahoosive portion. Sadly these were the only thing we didn’t like. Occasionally we’d find a crispy crunchy salty fry but the majority were bland and undercooked.


Meatmission is a really cool place to go if you fancy eating an artery clogging delicious burger and I’d thoroughly recommend it. Cool staff, cool music, cool venue – if it had better fries it’d be even cooler.


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