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My Mum and I had tickets for the ballet at Sadler’s Wells theatre and as Exmouth Market is only a short walk away I decided to book us in for a quick bite to eat in Caravan. It’s more than just a restaurant as downstairs in the basement they roast their own coffee beans and my mother (Queen of the latte) can verify that it’s some of the best coffee in London.

Snowy outside

The restaurant itself was only small but had a great atmosphere and we were served by really friendly staff. The wooden chairs weren’t the most comfortable of things to perch on but I was enjoying myself so much that it didn’t bother me too much.

We decided to start by sharing the sliced meat and cheese plate (£11). The grilled Parilla chorizo was of superb quality – greasy and spicy to the point of perfection. The cold sliced chorizo Alejandro Magno was equally delicious. Both the blue and goats cheese were scrumptious too. They were a bit stingy with the pitta but more was provided when requested (£0.50) which was perfect for dunking in the sweet romesco sauce.

Sliced meat and cheese plate

My mum opted for two small plates. The cured salmon, celeriac remoulade and smoked paprika maple dressing (£7.50) was deliciously light and fresh tasting. It had a great blend of textures with soft salmon and crunchy celeriac. The potato and onion tortilla with rocket (£6) was really moist and jam packed full of potato. The peppery rocket was the perfect companion. Both dishes were really enjoyable.

Cured salmon, celeriac remoulade and smoked paprika maple dressing

Potato and onion tortilla with rocket

I went for a large plate (as I’m a growing boy) – Barnsley lamb chop, sweet potato gnocchi, cherry tomatoes, peas and mint sauce (£16). The flavour combinations were spot on – meaty lamb, fresh mint, tangy tomatoes and sweet gnocchi. The Barnsley chop was cooked to perfection – soft pink meat and crispy fat round the edge. The mint sauce was some of the best I’ve ever tasted.

Barnslay lamb chop, sweet potato gnocchi, cherry tomatoes, peas and mint sauce

The quality of the ingredients and cooking at Caravan was faultless. There was plenty of things on the menu that I would have gladly devoured meaning a return visit is certainly inevitable. They serve simple and honest grub and there really is nothing better. There’s another Caravan situated in Kings Cross and I can’t wait to get down there t0 give it a go.


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