Dirty Burger, Vauxhall

Dirty burger

I wasn’t wholly in love with Dirty Burger when we visited their first outpost in Kentish Town. The simple concept was good but it was the burger I found disappointing. When I heard the Soho House Group were opening their second Dirty Burger I thought I’d give it a go.

It’s situated on that massive roundabout in Vauxhall and at 11:45am we had to wade through the groups of gurning nightclubbers wearing sunglasses who were only just heading home – lovely!

The outside

Based in an old arch, it had that run-down tin shack Dirty Burger look. There was a counter where you place your order and a few stools round the edge of the room to perch on whilst you devour your grub. It’s not exactly somewhere you’d hang around, let’s put it like that – I left with a sore bum!

The counter

The seating

The cheeseburger (£5.50 and the only burger available) was served wrapped in grease proof paper and as I opened it up the smell was heavenly. The burger was really, really delicious; the medium-rare patty packed a meaty punch in terms of flavour and it was drizzled with a mustard mayo which was lovely. The slice of sweet tomato and some crisp lettuce soaked up all the burger juice perfectly. Mmmm…burger juice.

The burgers

The burger

The crinkle cut fries (£3) were crispy little beggars and their seasoning was spot on. The onion fries (£3) were sadly a little stodgy and grease laden for me – making them a little sickly. They reminded me of Dunkin’ Donuts – but not in a good way. We washed down all the grease with a chocolate milkshake (£4) which was an indulgent delight filled with chunks of chocolate and it was more than big enough to share.

Choc milkshake

Like our first experience in K Town, Dirty Burger Vauxhall didn’t provide a faultless lunch but it was still very tasty indeed and the burger was ten times better than before. If I’m in the area again, on that massive roundabout, I can most likely see myself popping in for a quick bite to eat (but i’ll take a cushion next time). I do love a good burger.


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