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Meatliquor in London gave me my first ever glimpse into the world of big fat greasy burgers and I blame them for my subsequent addiction. Whether it be Liquor/Market/Mission I’ve enjoyed and devoured them all. When I heard they were opening one in Brighton, I immediately planned a trip to the seaside – with my gentleman companion and my parents in tow.


At 4pm on a Sunday there was no queue – hoorah! It’s a rather attractive looking place with a purple glow throughout. It felt, dare I say it, a lot more camp than it’s London counterparts – after all we were in Brighton! Psychedelic sex shop were the words that sprung to mind for some reason! We were seated in a little booth area which was nice as there were proper chairs as opposed to benches – far more parent friendly.

The bar


The menu was quite large and given its seaside location there were a couple of fish options which was nice to see. We decided to start with some buffalo shrimp (£8.50). These plump juicy prawns tasted so fresh and were cooked to such perfection that we all fell in love with them. They were drenched in a pepper sauce that wasn’t too fiery to be unenjoyable but just enough to give your lips a little tingle. The blue cheese dip was a great soothing contrast.


The rest of the food was served on one big tray. I couldn’t resist ordering my all time favourite Dead Hippie burger (£8.50) which featured two mustard-fried patties, lettuce, cheese, pickles and minced white onions smothered in dead hippie sauce. It really is a delicious burger and one that I can’t fault. My Dad also liked his meat burger (£6.50) which was for the less adventurous of souls. There was just one patty which had been fried in butter and it tasted utterly divine.


My gentleman companion loved the fish sandwich (£7.50) which was the fresh catch of the day (haddock on our visit) battered and served in a bun with lettuce, red onion and tartare sauce. A souped up McDonalds fillet o fish you could say and it was ruddy lovely.

The shrimp po-boy (£8.50) featured more of those lovely battered prawns from earlier, shoved into a hot dog bun and drizzled with sweet chilli sauce. Again, the prawns were super fresh and cooked to perfection.

The cheese fries (£4) were covered in melted provolone cheese and onions yet the fries remained crispy; totally moreish. The onion rings (£3.50) were award winningly big yet not at all soggy or grease laden – I’d love to know how they manage such a thing!

Even though we all felt pretty pigged out we decided to order the only dessert available; the peanut butter sundae (£6.50). It was massive and more than big enough for the four of us to share. There was peanut butter and chocolate ice cream, peanuts, grilled peanuts, chocolate hard-shells, toasted marshmallows and Reese’s cups – I felt like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone 2 when he’s in that hotel room scoffing his face. Proper diabetes-inducing indulgence of the very best kind!

Peanut butter sundae

I really loved Meat Liquor Brighton and was relieved to say that so did my parents (I was worried it wouldn’t be their thing) but with such delicious food and such friendly staff – they were all so lovely – it’d be difficult not to. Plan a trip to Brighton I’d say!


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