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There’s currently four Honest Burgers in London (Brixton, Soho, Camden and Portobello Road) but the one in Brixton Village is the original. To be frank I don’t do Brixton much (it scares me a little and I’m a whimp) but as I was working in the area I couldn’t resist popping in for a bit of beef.

The outside

The place was tiny and very run down – but I’m talking properly run down not “we’ve spent loads of money to make it look run down”. The tiny open kitchen gave off a lovely whiff of meat and created a lively atmosphere which made sitting there all the more pleasant. The four of us arrived at 1pm on the dot and got the last seats (wahey!) after which a rather large queue formed.

The inside

The menu was short and concise with three options; chicken burger, beef burger or veggie fritter. A plain burger was a very reasonable £7.50 but I added mature cheddar making it £8. What’s even better is all the burgers come with chips included – bargainous!


The burger itself was delicious and served with a luscious pink interior. The meat was Ginger Pig dry aged beef and its flavour was intensely….meaty. It was smeared with some red onion relish making for a very sweet mouthful which was just about right – any more and it would have been sickly. The bun was soft and the gooey, slightly rubbery cheddar held everything together perfectly.



The crunchy fries had been generously sprinkled with rosemary and salt making them positively addictive. The chipotle mayo (£1 extra) was well worth getting as it had quite a fiery kick!

It was a quick in out experience which was perfect for our hour long lunch break and it was great value too. The staff were really sweet and couldn’t have looked after us any better. As I discover more and more places to eat in Brixton Village (Wishbone and Franco Manca) it gives me more and more reason to go back. But if it’s a ruddy lovely burger you’re after, then Honest is the place to go.


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