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My visit to the original Patty&Bun just off Oxford Street provided me with one of the tastiest (and messiest) burgers I’ve come across. The mahoosive queues have however put me off eating there every night, which is probably a good thing. When I heard there was a new one opening slap bang opposite Liverpool Street Station (by the McDonalds) I knew it was only a matter of time before I ended up there.

Patty&Bun outside

It’s a small space which mainly caters for takeaways; given the area I imagine it’ll do very well. If like me you want to eat in however, you order at the counter, give them your name, grab one of the very few seats they have available and wait for your name to be bellowed.

Patty&Bun inside

I opted for the ‘Ari Gold’ (£7.50) and the ‘Winger Winger Chicken Dinner’ (£5.50) which were in fact smoked confit chicken wings in BBQ sauce. In an attempt to be healthy, I didn’t order the chips sprinkled with rosemary salt (£2.50) but some were brought over anyway – in error obviously but I thought it would be rude to leave them!

Ari Gold, wings and chips Patty&Bun

The burger was as good as I remember; messy, greasy and really drippy. The beef patty, cooked medium rare, was moist and tender but I found the brioche bun to be a little dry this time. The chips had the perfect blend of crispy and soggy which I love; they were seasoned brilliantly too. The confit wings were so seriously rich that I couldn’t quite finish them, but the flavour was spot on – the meat really did fall off the bone with the merest touch of my teeth. It was so incredibly messy to eat though, I could have definitely done with a wet wipe.

Ari Gold

Personally, I can’t see myself ever getting a takeaway from Patty&Bun Liverpool Street. It would take a braver man than I to eat one of those burgers over a clean pair of trousers whilst sat on a park bench. But if I can manage to get a table, and I’m in the area, it’ll be Wings and an Ari Gold for me every time. I’ll just make sure I take 30p for the station toilets afterwards.


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