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I loved our visit to Tommi’s Burger Joint just off Marylebone High Street (the first of the Icelandic burger chain in the UK from a guy called Tomas Tomasson). After a slightly unfulfilling dinner at Lyle’s in Shoreditch, we decided to cross town for a quick burgery snack at their new shop in Chelsea.

The small ground floor dining room was a cutely designed space; lots of fairy lights with a mix of high stools and seats. As it was rather busy we took a pew in one of the booths in the basement which was a cold and echoey space; the roar of the drunken Chelsea boys was the soundtrack to our visit which wasn’t hugely pleasant.


The basement

The premise is simple; order at the counter, give them your name and then a server will bring you your food. I opted for their ‘Offer of the Weekend’ which was a cheeseburger, chips and can of beer (a ‘Pistonhead’ to be precise) for £10.50 which seemed good value.


All served in a basket, the fries were slightly undercooked but totally under-seasoned – in fact I’m talking no seasoning whatsoever. The burger was nowhere near as good as I remember it to be either; the patty was cooked medium and was at least juicy but the bun was cold and dry. The whole thing was a bit cold to be honest; how disappointing. There was at least a vast array of condiments to choose from.


I’ve been to Tommi’s in Marylebone quite a few times now and really love it. I wouldn’t however rush back to their Chelsea outlet as it didn’t quite have same charm or the same delicious burgers. The staff weren’t particularly friendly either; they were so busy laughing and joking around with each other yet when it came to serving actual customers they didn’t seem quite so enthusiastic. I’ll stick to Marylebone I think.


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