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I’ve been to Margate a few times and it’s not exactly known for its food offerings; that was until GB Pizza Co came along. We went to their restaurant on Exmouth Market and really loved it so on a sunny Sunday trip to the seaside we couldn’t resist popping into their original. Based on the seafront, it was a simple space with shared tables and the menu on the wall behind the counter where you order.



Because we’re pigs, we ordered three pizzas. The crusts aren’t spongy like you find in other pizzerias at the minute; here they’re crispy which works really well with the wet and sloppy toppings. The Margate-Rita (£6) was really good value as there was loads of cheese – I hate it when pizzas have more tomato than cheese. It wasn’t bland or boring either.


Topped with thickly sliced fresh chilli, the chorizo and chilli pizza (£8.50) had a real kick to it which, once my sweating died down, was totally addictive. The ‘beef peperone’ (£9) had so much meaty flavour which was really lovely; the slices of beef had the perfect amount of greasiness. My only criticism – they didn’t have any chilli oil to drizzle over – sacrilege!



For dessert we ordered the homemade Nutella and banana pizza (£5) which sounded right up my street! Although the flavour was bang on, the chocolate spread was a tad dry – it would have tasted incredible if it was silky smooth. Either way it was a seriously sweet treat.

Nutella pizza

What I love about GB Pizza Co is that’s it’s so affordable yet the ingredients used taste of such high quality. Throw in friendly and efficient service, and a really lovely location, and you can’t go wrong. When you’re next in Margate, you know where to go.


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