Porky’s, Bankside

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Based in Bankside near the Globe Theatre, Porky’s is a restaurant specialising in BBQ food and as the name would suggest, there’s plenty of pork on the menu. This is the their second restaurant in London, they’ve also got one in Camden, so I can only imagine this is the start of a roll-out; just what this city needs, more BBQ!


It was a deceptively large space with the usual exposed brick and piping running throughout – it all felt a bit cheaply done though. If Bodean’s and TGI Friday’s were to have a love child, it would look a little something like this.


We started with some pork scratchings (£2.50) whilst we looked through the menu. They were ever so dry which made them quite difficult to swallow and they were so crunchy I actually thought I was going to lose a tooth. Very little flavour too. The BBQ wings (£4.95) were far more successful as they were drenched, and I mean drenched, in a sweet BBQ sauce that was delicious.

Pork scratchings


For main, the pulled pork (£8.95), which had been smoked for 18 hours, was unappetisingly grey and could have been served a lot warmer. The flavour was good but the whole thing was a touch dry; the bun could have done with a smear of butter and the pork could have done with a dollop of sauce. The seasoned fries (£3) were the best bit; salty, crisp and moreish.

Pulled pork


The Memphis meaty ribs and tips (£9.75) had plenty of sauce and the ribs themselves were really tasty but the tips were just dry and chewy. I couldn’t help but daydream about the ribs at Big Easy in Covent Garden which were far superior.


Our dinner at Porky’s wasn’t a disaster, but considering there’s plenty of places that do the same thing a whole lot better, then I couldn’t really call it a success either. It wasn’t without its positives; the staff seemed very charming and capable and the food wasn’t at all expensive but still, I won’t be rushing back.


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