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I loved Pizza Pilgrims’ first bricks and mortar restaurant in Soho. Before that they used to sell their Neapolitan inspired pizzas out of a tiny van with an oven on the back. So when I heard they were opening another one, a ‘Friggitoria’ in fact (I’m still none the wiser how you pronounce it), I was rather excited.


It’s based in Kingly Court in the tourist haven of Carnaby Street and as expected the place was pretty rammed so we were seated at a large shared table. It’s a big space with lots of nooks and crannies; there’s an open kitchen, a downstairs bar, outside seating and two entrances meaning people are constantly wandering in and out.

The pizzas, we ordered the margherita (£6.50), Napoli salami (£9) and the Carbonara (£10), were unsurprisingly delicious. I’m talking SO delicious though, I think you’d be hard pushed to find better pizzas in London. The Carbonara even had an egg yolk in the middle which added to the creaminess of it all.




Slightly less impressive however were the deep fried items. The frittatine di macherone (£5), which were basically parcels of deep fried macaroni with cheese, were cold and dry. They were sitting in a warming cabinet which perhaps explains it – if they had been served fresh from the fryer they would have been sooo much better. I longed for the similar thing available at Chicken Liquor in Brixton. The Porchetta, ricotta and smoked mozzarella deep fried calzone suffered the same problem; a bit dry and not warm enough.

Deep fried things

All in all we really enjoyed our time at Pizza Pilgrims – if you like your pizza then you really should check it out. For me though, my favourite is their one in Soho for a quick Margherita and can of Pompelmo – that’ll do me nicely.


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