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Beast is the latest venture from those clever chaps who created Goodman steakhouses and Burger & Lobster. The premise is simple; there’s only one menu with no choice and it’s £75 a head, which sounds like a lot of dollar but that gets you more food than you’re physically able to shove in your gob – trust me.

The outside

The basement dining room felt raucous in a fun kind of way – it was filled with the sort of people who could have been extras in Wolf of Wall Street. You sit side by side at banquet style tables topped with huge candelabras – it was all very Tudor-esque and I loved it. As I sat there with my bib tied around my neck (material darling not plastic) I felt like Henry VIII.


To start, a giant wheel of Parmesan was served with pickled onions, artichokes, olives and a seven year aged balsamic. I wasn’t totally convinced nibbling on bits of Parmesan would be that enjoyable but bloody Nora it was delicious. A mouthful of cheese, tangy onion and that balsamic (which was so thick and gooey) and I was in heaven.


Next was the main event; a giant king crab and two different cuts of steak – USDA sirloin and bone-in rib. I can honestly say that was some of the best steak I’ve ever eaten; the salty crust on the outside of the meat along with the soft, succulent centre was just exquisite.


Crab and steak

But it was the Norwegian king crab that was the star of the show – and that’s saying something. I was a little apprehensive of how to go about it but it was surprisingly easy. The soft crab flesh was sweet yet meaty at the same time – you really must try it.

A side of smoked tomatoes was most unusual but not totally necessary along with the bowl of veg as well. The rich truffle sauce was a brilliant accompaniment with both the meat and crab but it was the lemon butter that did it for me – it was absolutely addictive.

Two desserts were then brought out; a lemon posset which was insanely tangy (which I love) and a strawberry and blueberry cheesecake. Both were right up my street as they were sweet yet not at all sickly – they were light as anything which is just what you need after so much food.


Dinner at Beast is never going to be an entirely cheap affair but it’s easily the best fun I’ve had in a restaurant – ever, so I felt it was well worth the money. I left with bits of crab shell in my hair and steak juice splattered across my paunch – which to me, is a sign of a bloody good evening.


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