Bo Drake

Bo Drake

Bó Drake is an East Asian BBQ restaurant (just a few doors down from 10 Greek Street) that serves an interesting mash up between Korean and Mexican – Korexican if you will. Unlike Jinjuu in Carnaby Street, it does so rather well.


Inside it’s very dark and sexy. You can sit at tables in the small dining room out the back but the real fun is to be had at the large bar in the front. Every time I’ve been, which is a few times now, I’ve ended up drinking far too many bottles of Hite beer with shots of Soju; it’s that kind of place.

We started with the brisket bao (£9) which featured beef that had been smoked for 12 hours along with pickled cucumber stuffed inside soft, fluffy buns. The balance between sweet, salty, meaty and smokey was absolutely bang on.

Brisket bao

A side of sweet potato fries (£3.50), with a seriously fiery kimchi aioli, were moreish as they weren’t limp and lifeless as is often the case; they had a real crunch to them.

Sweet potato fries

Korean lamb cutlets (£13) were a little overdone on this visit which was a shame as on previous encounters with these plump and juicy cutlets, the meat has been nothing short of outstanding. The sesame seeds sprinkled on top add a really pleasant nuttiness.

Lamb cutlets

A stack of smoked ribs (£12) offered meat that slid off the bone with the merest flick of my tongue. The flavour was intense, which might have been due to the crisp, charred exterior of the pork.

Smoked ribs

Panfried cauliflower with mushroom purée (£5) looked ever so dainty next to the big plates of meat. It made for some light relief and a welcome break from all the richness of everything else.


If you’re after a fun night out, with a good old drink and some tasty BBQ food to go with it, then Bó Drake is your place. The staff are so incredibly friendly too which makes it that little bit more special. Just be warned, prepare for the impending hangover.


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