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It’s an odd place to go for a bite to eat I’ll give you that; the thought of eating on a polluted roundabout in the middle of Old Street doesn’t exactly fill me with joy. But what is now known as the Magic Roundabout, accessed from the underground tube entrance, is a rather charming space filled with two bars, Burger Bear and Prawnography.


It’s by one of the chaps behind London Mess which has hosted numerous pop ups across the city. The premise is simple; order at the counter (the kitchen is absolutely tiny) then grab a seat at one of the picnic benches and wait for your food to arrive.


I went for an “absolutely bloody massive XL tiger prawn” (£14) in a Szechuan butter with beer bread. I upgraded my fries to the crab meat fries (£4 extra) which I thoroughly recommend doing. They would have been perfectly glorious on their own but loaded with heaps of crab meat and drenched in Thousand Island dressing, they were easily the best chips you’ll find in London. Or anywhere else for that matter. Oh, and that giant prawn was pretty spectacular too with lots of lovely charred bits adding loads of flavour.


I also went for a bacon wrapped scallop (£3 each) which would have only been bettered by slightly crisper bacon. The scallop itself was plump and perfectly cooked. The quality of the seafood was spot on – clearly making three trips a week to Billingsgate is worth their while.

I popped into Prawnogrpahy for a quick solo lunch and I absolutely ruddy loved it. The whole spider crab (for two to share) looks like the thing to order so it’s made me positive I want to return. A seafood shack in the middle of Old Street roundabout. Who knew?


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