Jules Pearson’s five favourite London brunches

Jules Pearson 5ourites

One half of London on the Inside (a hip and happening blog about our fine city with over 127,000 Twitter followers), Jules Pearson is the kind of gal you’ll see sipping a Negroni at London’s coolest gatherings. In this week’s 5ourites, this Middlesborough-born lass gives us the lowdown on her five favourite spots for a bit of brunch…

1. Turkish eggs, Kopapa, Covent Garden
These bad boys are so good I’ve been known to knock them up at home. In fact, they are the only thing I’ve cooked in the last 6 months. True fact. The dish is made up of two poached eggs, greek yoghurt and chilli butter served in a bowl with two slices of thick toast for dipping. Sets you up for the day this one.

Kopapa Jules Pearson 5ourites

2. Avocado on toast, The Hoxton, Shoreditch
I’ve eaten avo on toast in most places and nothing comes close to this one at The Hoxton. The avo is perfectly ripe and mixed with lemon juice, olive oil, basil and chilli flakes. It’s pretty zingy and comes on sour dough topped with two eggs. Go all out and get a side of bacon to make it EVEN better.

The Hoxton

3. Pig muffin, Hash E8, Dalston
Take a sausage patty, crispy bacon, belly slice, egg cake, bacon jam, cheese slice and hash brown and whack it all in an English muffin. Serve with chorizo and tomato jam, and you have the Pig Muffin – and that’s why I keep going back time and time again. Sorts out even the worst hangovers.

Hash e8

4. Brioche French toast, Sunday, Barnsbury
Possibly the best French toast in London can be found at Sunday in Barnsbury – the brioche French toast comes with vanilla creme fraiche, banana, and salted caramel. It’s huge and you should expect to be wiped out. Eat it all and get yourself back to bed immediately. That’s my advice.

Sunday Barnsbury

5. Sobrassada bap, Patty & Bun, London Fields
Now open in an arch in London Fields and serving weekend brunch, Patty & Bun has created a menu where you want to order everything – and the specials included. Sobrassada, fried egg, crispy broccoli and roast garlic mayo is our bap of choice, but the pork shoulder special comes close second. With menus like this, I ain’t ever gonna be a size zero.


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