Last week’s best dishes 21.12.15

1. I’m a bit ramen obsessed at the minute, so I was excited to be having lunch at the recently opened Kanada-Ya (their second) on Panton Street. The gekikara, easily the spiciest ramen I’ve found in London, with its slices of pork chasu and minced pork, is the d’s b’s.

Kanada-Ya ramen

2. I couldn’t resist returning to Corbin and King’s new Bellanger in Islington. This time, for a martini and tartes flambées in the bar. The thin crisp bread topped with giant chunks of goat’s cheese is a damn fine way to start any evening.

Goats cheese tartes flambées at Bellanger

3. Sticking in Islington, to Black Axe Mangal, for a dinner of offally good kebabs. The Deep Throater; some soft, fatty mutton wrapped in a glorious flatbread, certainly soaked up the endless amount of Picklebacks we downed.

Deep Throater at Black Axe Mangal

4. Pie and mash doesn’t get better than Manze’s in Bermondsey. Even though I end up covering it in mounds of salt and chili vinegar, there’s just something about it. A double pie single mash is pure comfort food.

Manze Pie and Mash

5. This Sunday roast at Blacklock in Soho. Now I love their chops but their epic roasts are something else. A mix of beef, lamb AND pork, all on a giant platter with tatty clad Yorkshires and the best cauliflower cheese you’ll find. Have you booked yet?

Sunday roast at Blacklock

6. Salty Loins at Maltby Street Market. I’d never heard of them before but I hope to be hearing a lot more. The pork is brined for hours before cooking meaning its insanely tender and the fat melts away as you eat it. Topped with cheese and a dollop of mustard, this was a killer pork sandwich.

Salty Loins Maltby Street Market

7. Steak tartare canapé in The Connaught’s elegant Champagne Room. Restaurant PR royalty Maureen Mills hosted a lovely party to get everyone into the Christmas spirit and it was just the ticket.

Steak tartare canape at the Connaught

Did you eat anything lovely last week? Let us know by commenting below!

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