Last week’s best dishes 28.12.15

1. Not the most attractive snack ever made but my gentleman companion treated me to a Lorraine Pascale recipe using shop-bought pastry and Peperami – she’s called them Sausage Rolls Big Night Out. Moreish is the word.

Pepperami pastry things

2. Mashed potato with onions at Zelman Meats. This new restaurant from the Burger&Lobster/Beast/Goodman chaps serves some cracking meat but the sides alone are worth going in for.

Zelman Meats mashed potato

3. To the annual Christmas lunch hosted by Brian Clivaz at L’Escargot. Foie gras terrine to start and a tarte tatin to finish were both exceptional but the giant plater of goose, with pigs in blankets, won me over.

Goose at L'Escargot

4. French onion soup at Brasserie Zédel. Simple but perfect dishes like this remind me why I love this place so much. Never disappoints.

French onion soup at L'Escargot

5. Sexy Fish in Berkeley square for a Christmas eve lunch. This four chocolate fondant, with the gooiest of centres, was certainly sexy alright.

Four chocolate fondant at Sexy Fish

6. What do you have for breakfast on Christmas day? Croissants with Ampersand’s cultured butter that’s what. If you haven’t tried Grant Harrington’s butter (you can buy it from him at Druid Street Market on Saturdays) then you need to change that.

Cultured Butter and croissants

7. Either my family are a bunch of terrible cooks, or turkey is dry and minging (both are in fact true), so Christmas day lunch was this giant rib of beef. Lovely stuff.

Roast beef on Christmas Day

Did you eat anything lovely last week? Let us know by commenting below!

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