The best dishes of last week 15.02.16

1. Masala Zone in Soho has undergone a rather dashing makeover and they threw a pretty good shindig to celebrate. This was the corn and paneer pakoras, with a spicing most exquisite.

Masala Zone canapes

2. Pancake Day! I had a lunch for one at L’Escargot (if only I had friends) and stuffed my face with gruyere and smoked ham crepes followed by this one, stuffed with Nutella and topped with a glazed banana. Perfection.

L'Escargot pancake day

3. Hix Mayfair isn’t one you hear about often but it’s most delightful. We finished a great dinner of Manx Queenies, Portland crab and venison wellington with their nutty and boozy Shipwrecked tart. If you go, you should too.

Hix Mayfair shipwrecked tart

4. There’s a new Udon restaurant in town, Ichiryu, and it’s by the chap behind the Japan Centre and Shoryu Ramen. A tonkotsu udon and a niku beef, with its bonito tsuyu broth base, was the perfect antidote to this biting weather.

Udon at Ichiryu

5. I love a good steak and chips and Le Relais de Venise‘s latest opening in Soho, with their signature steak frites and secret sauce, after a bottle of red, is just the ticket.

Le Relais de Venise Soho

6. It’s not often I cook, but taking inspiration from a Lorraine Pascale recipe, I treated my parents to a simple plate of couscous topped with lamb chops, feta, mint and pomegranate. I think they approved.

Lorraine Pascale lamb chop recipe

7. Lucky Chip have finally opened their own burger shop, in Dalston, and it’s a real beauty. This is a Royale wit Cheese; aged beef patty, bacon, American cheese and special sauce – of course it’s going to be good.

Lucky Chip burgers and wine Dalston

Have you eaten anything worth shouting about? Then let us know by commenting below…

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