Ralph’s Coffee & Bar, Regent Street

Quite honestly, I’ve never been in a more gorgeous space than this new cafe cum cocktail bar in the Ralph Lauren store on Regent Street. It’s all dark wood, plump Ralph Lauren cushions, fresh flowers, paintings of polo players and handsome waiters drying glasses with tea towels – it’s like a set from a film.

We arrive for breakfast and after a notably good Cortado (they even sell their own coffee beans) we share the salmon and cream cheese bagel (£10) and avocado on toast (£7). We sit opposite a man, botoxed up to the eyeballs, who orders yoghurt and granola with a glass of champagne. This place is fabulous.

It has become cool as of late to hate avocado – and although I do agree every Tom, Dick and Larry seems to be serving it, when it’s done right, it’s a marvellous thing. Here, it’s mixed with jalapeño pepper giving it a seriously fiery edge. The thinly sliced eggs still retain a slightly gooey yolk which is a lovely touch. It’s simple perfection.

There is masses of salmon with the bagel. Fresh tomatoes, red onions and capers are a great accompaniment – the quality of produce is the real talking point here. It reminds me of Russ & Daughters in New York – proper good old Jewish grub.

Another lovely thing is the service – the potential for a snooty FOH is massive but our waitress is so sweet. On another visit we come for an Old Fashioned (£16) and we love the place just as much. Go and see for yourselves.

Would we go back? Yes.


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