Sexy Fish, Mayfair

There’s no getting away from the fact Sexy Fish, a restaurant from Richard Caring in Berkeley Square, is a touch garish. The name aside, you just have to look at the waiters’ snazzy jackets to see it. Or the Damien Hirst naked mermaid busts at either end of the bar. Next to the wall of water. But it’s lots of fun.

We recently tried the new Sekushi tasting menu (£82 per person) which was a reminder just how good the food is here. Our reason for this visit however is their new Sunday brunch menu. We’re even treated to Nick Grimshaw spinning the decks.

We start with prawn cocktail (£16.80) which sees huge, chubby prawns overhanging a glass of lettuce and a pot of smokey Mary Rose sauce. They taste fresh and bouncy; it’s lovely and refreshing. Not sure what the green chilli is doing there though.

Buttermilk fried chicken (£9.50) is brought alive by a sprinkling of lime zest. The chick is perfectly moist. Rock shrimp (£14) are in a light, crisp tempura batter fresh from the fryer. They’re spot on dunked in the sancho and yuzu dip.

Accompanying the poached eggs, slices of tuna and avocado topped with yuzu hollandaise (£18.90) is a black charcoal muffin in the shape of an octopus. Childish or not, it’s certainly a tasty plate of food with a combo of flavours you can’t really go wrong with.

A mighty fine dish is king crab and bone marrow (£54). I’ve had king crab a few times now (another fab place to try it is Beast just behind Oxford Street) and I love its sweet but meaty flesh. The addition of rich bone marrow is a masterful one. And if that’s not indulgent enough, there’s shaved truffles over it all.

An intriguing one is the homemade tofu BLT (£9.20) which is a real looker. There’s texture from the crisp pancetta and sweetness from the tomatoes while the tofu has a texture of creme caramel. Most unusual.

Dessert will most likely go down as the best pudding I’ve ever eaten. Seriously. And it’s so simple. Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with milk ice cream. Nothing else. Gooey, melty cookies and an ice cream reminiscent of Mini Milks – it’s pure marvellous, magical, comfort food.

There’s plenty of fun to be had at Sexy Fish in all its showy, in-your-face fabulousness. But the most important thing? The food is actually really tasty. And service isn’t in the least bit pretentious. And Nick Grimshaw plays some belters.

Would we go back? Yes.
We dined as guests of the restaurant