Sketch, Mayfair

Sketch is a collection of restaurants, bars and swanky toilets in Mayfair. There’s the two Michelin starred Lecture Room & Library, the gigantic baby pink Gallery, the plant-clad Glade, not to mention the infamous pod toilets.

Our visit today is to the Parlour, a cocktail bar-cum-café, which looks particularly beautiful with its cartoony neon lights. In the hallway there’s more light artwork, this time from artist Chris Levine and it’s quite a spectacle. There’s always plenty to see here but right now it’s probably the best it’s ever looked.

We start, as every day should, with a decent coffee and a squeezed-to-order orange juice. Eggs ‘fried Sketch style’ (£11) are scotch eggs without the pork. The breadcrumb coating is crisp and generously salty. The yolks are oozy while the whites are bouncy. Sliced avocado, lettuce, tomatoes and ‘Sketchup’ are a light and fresh addition.

I order a side of bacon (£3) which is nice and fatty – just how I like it. It does however taste like the sort you’d get in a greasy spoon. It wouldn’t look out of place next to a fried slice and mug of tea.

Scrambled eggs (£9) with parmesan and thinly sliced Paris mushrooms, all buttery and garlicky, is a giant portion. It’s a rich, indulgent bowl of food as delicious as the surroundings.

The whole Sketch experience is a fancy one, whether it’s afternoon tea or a tasting menu you’re going for. Breakfast is the more affordable way to see the space and it comes highly recommended from me.

Would we go back? Yes
We dined as guests of the restaurant