Rosa’s Thai Cafe, Soho

Seems like the whole world has gone veggie or #Veganuary at the minute. Even Grace Dent is a supporter of the less meat movement. Makes sense then that Rosa’s Thai Cafe, who now have 11 sites across London, have launched a veggie-only menu for three months at their Dean Street restaurant.

Those who follow this blog will have noticed a mostly meaty theme so I was intrigued to see how I’d cope.

The best thing here is they’re not focusing on the “healthy”. Spring rolls are still deep fried (£6.50) and are easily the best I’ve come across. They come with a sweet, sticky chilli sauce (home-made) for dipping.

Pananng curry (£9.95) is sweet from coconut milk and palm sugar – I would drink ladles of that red curry sauce. The fried tofu, with its spongy texture, is actually rather lovely.

Papaya salad (£9.95) is a fresh and fiery side dish. I’m sweating before you know it. Sweetcorn patties (£6.25) are stodgy in a ‘winter warming’ kind of way. The batter is laced with red curry paste for added zing.

Drunken noodles (£9.50) offer similar comfort factor. The noddles are soft and sticky while crunchy vegetables like broccoli even it all out. Stir fried aubergine (£8.95) have been deep fried in egg and potato flour then drenched in yellow bean sauce. The result is a soft and mushy delight.

Rosa’s veggie dishes have increased in popularity over the past year hence this menu change. And the food wasn’t as boring as it potentially could be – I really didn’t miss the meat because everything was so full of flavour.

Would we go back? Yes
We dined as guests of the restaurant