Cocotte, Shoreditch

Sitting pretty in the former 8 Hoxton Square site, this is the second Cocotte, an ethically sourced rotisserie chicken restaurant, their first being in Notting Hill.

We start with chicken wings; barbecue and spicy flavoured (£9 each) and crudités with a herby dip and yoghurt sauce (£8). It’s the perfect food for the muggy weather and their outside terrace. The doors between it and the restaurant slide fully open which makes the tightly packed tables for two feel far more airy. The chicken is gorgeous, all soft and moist with crispy burnt bits of skin.

The star of the show is the free range rotisserie chicken, sourced from the Loire Valley in France. We take half (£18) and it’s seriously good. The skin is is that lovely blend of burnt and flabby. It’s pure joy to eat. The chick itself is moist and perfectly cooked the bone; no unpleasant pink or stringy bits.

Sides are also strong. Burratina, that’s baby burrata with marinated, roasted tomatoes (£6.50) is a gooey, cheesy delight. The combo of burrata and tomato has never let me down yet.

Truffle mac and cheese (£6) is on the wet end of the mac and cheese scale which is just how I like it. The truffle isn’t overbearing either. Best for me though is a simple bowl of mashed potato (£6). Mix it with the jug of gravy and a chunk of chicken and you’re onto a winner.

The nice thing about Cocotte is it’s not a complicated offering. Simple and ruddy delicious seems to be the order of service along with a casual atmosphere and super friendly service. It’s a shame to see 8 Hoxton Square go but its replacement is a corker.

Would we go back?
We dined as guests of the restaurant