The Blue Posts, Soho

The team behind The Palomar and The Barbary have taken over The Blue Posts, working their magic on restoring this Soho pub, dating back to 1739, to its former glory. Now there’s a special occasion, 8 cover counter restaurant in the basement (Evelyn’s Table), a dark and sexy upstairs cocktail bar (The Mulwray) and a ground floor pub.

Said ground floor pub has started serving food and the offering is bloomin’ good. We start with Hedone bread (£3.50), some of the best you’ll find in the UK, and burratina with Sicilian tomatoes (£10.50). The former comes with Fontodi olive oil, the latter with Selvapiana. Both are lush and display the kitchen’s passion for quality produce.

Spaghetti alla carbonara (£13.50) is as good as Padella just without the queue. The pasta is homemade with just enough bite; the thick cheese sauce clings to those tubes of pasta perfectly.

Steak tartare (£10.50) is a mix-it-yourself jobby reminiscent of the one at Chiltern Firehouse. The meat is 35 day dry aged and the result is meatilicious. The meat is coarsely chopped giving it texture.

“Cheeseburger Au Cheval” (£14) isn’t horse like you might think (cheval is French for horse!) but instead a two patty blue cheese burger which is every bit as comforting as you’d hope from a burger in a pub. The meat is from butchers HG Walter which might explain it.

Slightly lighter is a fritto misto brioche roll (£12.50), that’s fried oysters, mussels, squid, cod and prawns in a hot dog bun with a generous dollop of tartare sauce. HEAVEN. A side of French fries (£2.50), made from Yukon Gold potatoes, is a must order.

There’s just one pud and it’s gloriously simple; homemade vanilla ice cream with cherries (£6). It’s hot and muggy in London at the moment and this is just the ticket.

Sitting at the bar with a pint of beer eating food of that quality is a wonderful thing. The Blue Posts offers a small and concise menu created by people who enjoy eating good food. Bliss.

Would we go back? Yes
We dined as guests of the restaurant