Dining Under the Stars with Dom Pérignon

Based in the Ascot countryside, which is reassuringly close to London, the setting for Coworth Park is a rather stunning one. Once checked in we go for a walk around the grounds, all 240 acres of them. Wildflower meadows unlike anything I’ve seen before lead out onto Polo fields as far as the eye can see. A giant helicopter lands nearby, its owners visiting for afternoon tea, we’re told. This place is for the ultra wealthy.

We visit as guests of Dom Pérignon who are showing off their Dining Under the Stars experience. You’ll get food cooked by the hotel’s Michelin-starred chef, Adam Smith, while sipping on Dom Pérignon galore. To the uninitiated, it’s a bloody good chance to try some cracking DP like Vintage 2008 Blanc and Rose along with a very special Plentitude 2 from 2002.

Dishes range from the simple: Kentish lamb kebab, to the extraordinary: langoustine with tomato, kimchi and ginger. The kitchen certainly put their Big Green Egg to good use. A dish of warm caviar wrapped in kelp is world-class.

We are lucky enough for a clear night with no rain, a rare British treat which ensures Dom Pérignon and Coworth Park deliver their promise of an evening Dining Under the Stars. It’s a magical setting and a night to remember.

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We dined as guests of Dom Perignon and Coworth Park.