Smokestak, Shoreditch

Smokestak is the restaurant opening I’ve been most looking forward to this year and that’s for a good reason – their pork ribs and brisket buns, which I’ve inhaled at various street food markets and festivals, are the tastiest things I’ve ever eaten in my 28 years on this planet. This, their first restaurant, just down the road from Boxpark in Shoreditch, is a seriously … Continue reading Smokestak, Shoreditch

Texas Joe’s, London Bridge

This is the first restaurant from Joe Walters who you might recognise as the guy who took his beef jerky on Dragons’ Den, dressed in full cowboy get up and singing a song called ‘Put That Jerky in your Mouth’. To cut a long story short, he won investment however it never happened, his jerky still became a mega success and now he’s opened this. … Continue reading Texas Joe’s, London Bridge

Berber & Q, Haggerston

It’s not the sort of place I frequent often is Haggerston, but it’s starting to become a lot more enticing with the addition of Tonkotsu East and now this, Berber & Q. It’s housed in a railway arch, naturally, and it’s ethos is neatly summed up on the website “mezze from the east, music from the west”. And there’s plenty of music, loud music, along … Continue reading Berber & Q, Haggerston

Red’s True BBQ, Shoreditch

With two Red’s True BBQ in Leeds and another in Manchester and Nottingham, the chaps behind this Texas inspired BBQ joint seem to have taken the North by storm. Now residing in the old Casa Negra site in Shoreditch (opposite Merchants Tavern) they are hoping to become the ‘go-to brand for authentic barbecue in the UK’. To be fair, we visited on the their fourth official day … Continue reading Red’s True BBQ, Shoreditch

Smoking Goat, Soho

Based on what was once affectionately known as Tin Pan Alley (Denmark Street on the edge of Soho), Smoking Goat is a tiny new restaurant specialising in Thai food. I’m not joking when I say tiny – and that’s everything from the tiny tables, to the tiny beer barrel that we were seated at and the tiny walkway to get to the toilets (good luck … Continue reading Smoking Goat, Soho

Big Easy, Covent Garden

We really enjoyed our visit to the original Big Easy in Chelsea so when I heard they were opening one in Covent Garden (opposite Rules), I was moist with anticipation. The new place has got the same ethos; lobsters, pulled pork, ribs and so on but they’ve brought in a new chef (a chap from America) to take things up a gear. It’s a seriously … Continue reading Big Easy, Covent Garden