Sketch, Mayfair

Sketch is a collection of restaurants, bars and swanky toilets in Mayfair. There’s the two Michelin starred Lecture Room & Library, the gigantic baby pink Gallery, the plant-clad Glade, not to mention the infamous pod toilets. Our visit today is to the Parlour, a cocktail bar-cum-café, which looks particularly beautiful with its cartoony neon lights. In the hallway there’s more light artwork, this time from … Continue reading Sketch, Mayfair

Egg Break, Notting Hill

Egg Break opened under the radar; there was little to no song and dance about Soho House’s latest restaurant tucked down a sleepy side street in Notting Hill. As the name suggests, the menu specialises in all things eggy and as it’s only open for breakfast and lunch, it’s a convenient brunch spot. We sat on the ground floor which had a relaxed cafe vibe. … Continue reading Egg Break, Notting Hill

Cereal Killer Café, Brick Lane

So this is never going to be everyone’s cup of tea; a café in Shoreditch from twins Alan and Gary Keary offering over 100 different types of cereals along with 20 various milks. They even sell Poptarts. But I have to say, it was rather fun. It’s a cramped little spot where you order at the counter then frantically find somewhere to perch. With so … Continue reading Cereal Killer Café, Brick Lane

Best Breakfasts in London

Aqua Shard The fact that this restaurant sits on the 31st floor of the Shard in London Bridge means it has a rather fantastic view whether it be from the atrium bar, the dining room or even the urinals (women you’re missing out!). Breakfast here is served between 7-10:30am. Because I’ve never seen it on a menu before I couldn’t resist ordering the lobster Benedict … Continue reading Best Breakfasts in London

Jamie Oliver’s 15 Cornwall

During our holiday in Cornwall we ate some seriously delicious food – The Seafood Restaurant, Paul Ainsworth at No.6 and Nathan Outlaw at Rock all provided us with unforgettable meals. The only disappointment during our trip was the dodgy breakfast from the hotel at which we were staying. After a rather worryingly pink centred sausage and a gloopy looking fried egg we decided to treat … Continue reading Jamie Oliver’s 15 Cornwall