The Boulevard Theatre, Soho

It’s not often new theatres are built – especially in the heart of Soho – so it’s exciting to see The Boulevard fling open its theatrical doors. It’s an impressive setup which can boast Europe’s most advanced revolving theatre. We see a two man play, The Sunset Limited, which doesn’t make use of this technical wizardry yet still keeps ups captivated for the full 95 … Continue reading The Boulevard Theatre, Soho

Ducasse sur Seine, Paris

What is the logical next step for a chef and restaurateur who has dominated the culinary scene in, arguably, the most culinary destination in the world? A river boat, that’s what. Ducasse sur Seine sits on the famous Parisian river directly below the Eiffel Tower and is unlike any river boat restaurant you may have been on before. It’s powered 100% by electricity, the food, … Continue reading Ducasse sur Seine, Paris

Dining Under the Stars with Dom Pérignon

Based in the Ascot countryside, which is reassuringly close to London, the setting for Coworth Park is a rather stunning one. Once checked in we go for a walk around the grounds, all 240 acres of them. Wildflower meadows unlike anything I’ve seen before lead out onto Polo fields as far as the eye can see. A giant helicopter lands nearby, its owners visiting for … Continue reading Dining Under the Stars with Dom Pérignon

Salcombe Gin School

I first heard of Salcombe Gin when a small group of ‘press’ were invited to Lympstone Manor. Here, we tried their limited edition, specially crafted, Arabella Gin created with chef and owner of Lympstone, Michael Caines. We had a lunch of crab raviolo, guinea fowl with Summer vegetables and lemon polenta cake (that place now has a Michelin star, it’s gorgeous FYI) while doing a … Continue reading Salcombe Gin School

Belmond British Pullman

An evening on The Pullman, the sister train to the Orient Express, isn’t cheap; £500 a head gets you dinner and all the booze you could wish for. After a Champagne and canapé reception the train departs from Victoria and loops through the Surrey countryside before bringing you back again all in the same evening. But it doesn’t matter that you don’t really go anywhere … Continue reading Belmond British Pullman

Dinner at The Twits, Waterloo

It seems only fitting that the theatre company Les Infants Terribles and jelly pros Bompas and Parr would team up to make an immersive dining experience based on The Twits during the 100th anniversary of Roal Dahl. The experience takes place in The Vaults underneath Waterloo station and at £80 per person it isn’t the cheapest of nights out but for the effort involved by … Continue reading Dinner at The Twits, Waterloo

Taste of London 2016

If, like me, restaurants are your bag and seeing chefs, not celebrities, is the thing that gets you star struck then you’re likely to really enjoy Taste of London. Essentially, it’s London’s biggest food festival which takes over a corner of Regent’s Park where some of the best restaurants in the city (genuinely though) offer a selection of dishes from their menus served on paper … Continue reading Taste of London 2016

Taste of London 2015, Regent’s Park

Labelled by some as a corporate sell out, Taste of London is an event I’ve always enjoyed going to. If you’re even a smidgen of a restaurant geek, then turning up to a park full of some of London’s best restaurants, (with most of the chefs somewhere to be seen), offering small tasters of their dishes, is really exciting. You can buy tickets on the … Continue reading Taste of London 2015, Regent’s Park

Glyndebourne, East Sussex 

I’ve been a fan of opera ever since I performed on stage at The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. Oh, I didn’t mention that before? You can watch my rather…interesting performance here. There’s something about the sheer talent involved in putting together an opera that makes it really special to watch. I was excited then to be invited to Glyndebourne, a country house in … Continue reading Glyndebourne, East Sussex 

Taste of London 2013

I was very excited to be invited to Taste of London courtesy of Electrolux as I’ve never actually been before – and what better time to go than on their ten year anniversary. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then Taste of London is a food festival in Regents Park in which many of London’s fine dining restaurants and other food producers … Continue reading Taste of London 2013