2017’s best cookbooks

Are you one of those people with a ludicrous amount of fancy cookbooks yet you’ve never actually cooked anything from them? Me too! But I do love reading them and looking at the fancy pictures. Here are my six faves from 2017… Claridge’s The Cookbook Amazon.co.uk This is a super swanky cookbook from a super swanky hotel. Definitely one for the coffee table. Author Meredith … Continue reading 2017’s best cookbooks

National Afternoon Tea Week

It’s #NationalAfternoonTeaWeek! So, in celebration of finger sandwiches, loose leaf tea and enough cake to make you diabetic, here’s my pick of the best London has to offer. 1. Jean Georges at The Connaught Sit below the flying saucer light fittings of JG at The C and you’ll feel like you’ve escaped the mayhem of Mayfair. The restaurant’s exec pastry chef, Anshu Anghotra, really knows … Continue reading National Afternoon Tea Week


1. Crudités at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in New York. I first heard about this place on the Netflix series Chef’s Table and became obsessed with owner Dan Barber’s almost entirely farm to table cooking. We sat through a never ending tasting menu which was nothing short of astounding and I’ve never tasted vegetables quite like it. 2. Blackberry, douglas fir and chestnut at The Forest Side … Continue reading #Bestof2016

18 must eats in Northern Ireland

1. Abernethy butter: arguably one of the greatest things to come out of Northern Ireland. Whether it’s plain, smoked or with dulse (the latter has an umami hit like nothing else) spread it on some sourdough and you’ll be laughing. If you happen to find yourself in London’s Fortnum and Mason – they sell it there too. Abernethybuttercompany.com 2. Short rib tortellini at The Muddler’s … Continue reading 18 must eats in Northern Ireland