Lutyens Grill, The Ned

[UPDATE: Lutyens Grill is now open to the public] Of all the 312,476 restaurants inside The Ned (joke, there are just 9) only two are exclusively members and hotel guests only. There’s the roof with its stunning views over the City, not to mention its own swimming pool, and Lutyens Grill, which sits hidden behind a mirrored wall In the foyer. On our Thursday night … Continue reading Lutyens Grill, The Ned

London’s best breakfasts

Eat breakfast like a king they say. And I have to agree. So here are some top brekkies to have around London Town this month. Bacon & egg bap at Maria’s Market Café Rough and ready? Sure. But this café in the heart of Borough Market, served by proper cockney ladies, has charm in abundance. The bacon is crisp and salty, the heavily buttered baps … Continue reading London’s best breakfasts

Zobler’s, The Ned

I’m fan of the The Ned, it’s no lie (the Ned being the whopping great big gigantic huge hotel from Soho House in the City). Just like other big and brash ventures in London right now like Sexy Fish, Park Chinois and Isabel, they really get me going. Arriving at The Ned’s foyer, which gives you 8 options of where to eat your dinner, what … Continue reading Zobler’s, The Ned

Malibu Kitchen, The Ned

It’s not often I find myself eating chia seeds out of a young coconut. Take one look at me and you’ll see I eat a worrying amount of animal fat. But here, in the gorgeous surrounds of Soho House’s new hotel The Ned, I find myself eating just that, along with bircher muesli and a beetroot latte. Read my review of Kaia, also in The … Continue reading Malibu Kitchen, The Ned

Kaia, The Ned

The Ned is that new super hotel in the City from the Soho House Group. It’s friggin’ huge; and to prove it, they’ve got nine restaurants in the place. Two are members only, then you’ve got Cecconi’s, Zobler’s (recently reviewed by my old mate Jay Rayner), Cafe Sou, Millie’s Lounge, The Nickel Bar, Malibu Kitchen and this, Kaia. Its offering is “Asian-Pacific”. Its location is … Continue reading Kaia, The Ned