Bermondsey Street has plenty of great places to eat – there’s Zucca, Pizarro, José, Gregg’s Bar and Grill (joke!) but there’s a lack of all things French in that mix. That’s where Casse Croûte comes in – a new bistro serving classic French favourites. It’s a tiny restaurant with tables packed very close together – so much so that it’s inevitable one of you will … Continue reading Casse-Croûte


Jose is situated on Bermondsey Street (a 7 minute walk from London Bridge station) and is a sherry and tapas bar which my gentleman companion and I have always wanted to visit. We previously haven’t on account of it always being packed, or should I say bursting at the seams. The owner, aptly named Jose Pizarro, also owns Pizarro at the other end of the … Continue reading Jose