Bonhams, New Bond Street

Bonhams has been an auction house since 1793 but never had their own restaurant, until now. It even won a Michelin star in this year’s guide. The dining room is easily the most boring you’ll find in London. White tablecloths, white walls, white ceiling; it was as nondescript as it gets. A shame when you’re a few steps away from rooms filled with the most … Continue reading Bonhams, New Bond Street

The best dishes of last week 19.10.15

1. Bacon and egg sarnie from Frank’s Cafe, Southwark Street. This is the manliest place on earth and it scares me a little, but my God, they do a cracking bacon and egg sandwich. With masses of ketchup, obviously. 2. Oysters at Savoy Grill. Haven’t been to this Gordon Ramsay restaurant for ages but a recent lunch reminded me just how brilliant it is. These … Continue reading The best dishes of last week 19.10.15