The Guinea Grill, Mayfair

The Guinea Grill is one of those pubs I’ve often enjoyed standing outside with a pint of Young’s Bitter listening to the suits of Mayfair talk shop. I had no idea however there was a restaurant, more importantly a steak restaurant, hidden out the back. It’s as old fashioned as it gets and it feels very London; patterned carpets, wood panel walls, framed pictures galore … Continue reading The Guinea Grill, Mayfair

Zelman Meats, Soho

It was a sad day when I heard Rex & Mariano was closing; I loved the oysters, the Sicilian red prawns and the iPads from which you ordered them. But it never quite worked out for some reason; it’s a big old site and maybe not enough people wanted solely seafood. Meat however is another ball game and thus we have Zelman Meats. It’s from … Continue reading Zelman Meats, Soho

Lurra, Marylebone

This is the second restaurant from husband and wife team, Nemanja and Melody, on Seymour Street in Marylebone. Donostia has proved quietly popular so it made sense for them to open another just opposite called Lurra, meaning ‘land’ in Basque. It’s one of the more beautiful spaces I’ve been to recently; the overall look is like that of a millionaire’s apartment – a millionaire who … Continue reading Lurra, Marylebone

Beast, Chapel Place 

Dinner at Beast is never going to be a particularly cheap outing; after all, this restaurant from the chap behind Burger&Lobster and Goodman specialises in Norwegian king crab. Having fallen in love with the place on my first visit I was pleased to see it was just as good when I returned – if not better. The basement dining room is like a cross between … Continue reading Beast, Chapel Place