Bubbledogs&: The Kitchen Table

Bubbledogs& is a restaurant which serves grower champagnes alongside an array of gourmet hotdogs and has taken London by storm – people are still queueing for hours to give it a go. I recently queued for two and a half hours and genuinely felt it was worth the wait (what’s wrong with me?!). But at the back of the restaurant is a doorway covered by … Continue reading Bubbledogs&: The Kitchen Table


Bubbledogs& has been one of the most anticipated London restaurant openings this year. Husband and wife team Sandia Chang (front of house) and James Knappett (head chef) have opened this rather unique restaurant on Charlotte Street in Fitzrovia that specialises in grower champagnes and gourmet hot dogs (we’ll come back to that combination later). The pair have worked in some of the best restaurants in … Continue reading Bubbledogs&