The Royal Oak, Marylebone

Dan Doherty made a name for himself as exec chef at Duck and Waffle; the food there was always rather bloody good. It was interesting then to see him leave the role and open his own pub in Marylebone. The Royal Oak is one of those pubs that’s perfect for a Sunday roast. It’s bright and airy with a relaxed vibe, service is chilled and … Continue reading The Royal Oak, Marylebone

Duck and Waffle

Getting the lift up to Duck and Waffle, which resides at the top of the Heron Tower in Bishopsgate, is quite an experience in itself. It’s on the outside of the building meaning the view, as your hurtle up at what feels like 90 miles an hour towards the 40th floor, is quite astonishing. Once there, after walking through the open plan bar area, where … Continue reading Duck and Waffle