Red’s True BBQ, Shoreditch

With two Red’s True BBQ in Leeds and another in Manchester and Nottingham, the chaps behind this Texas inspired BBQ joint seem to have taken the North by storm. Now residing in the old Casa Negra site in Shoreditch (opposite Merchants Tavern) they are hoping to become the ‘go-to brand for authentic barbecue in the UK’. To be fair, we visited on the their fourth official day … Continue reading Red’s True BBQ, Shoreditch

Chicken Liquor, Brixton

I loved our visit to Wishbone in Brixton; I’ve had the taste of the Tower Block burger and deep fried mac n cheese etched into my tastebuds ever since. When I heard it had been bought by the guys behind Meat Liquor/Market/Mission and was having a name change to Chicken Liquor (great name), I thought I’d pop down to check it out. It’s based in … Continue reading Chicken Liquor, Brixton