GB Pizza Co, Margate

I’ve been to Margate a few times and it’s not exactly known for its food offerings; that was until GB Pizza Co came along. We went to their restaurant on Exmouth Market and really loved it so on a sunny Sunday trip to the seaside we couldn’t resist popping into their original. Based on the seafront, it was a simple space with shared tables and … Continue reading GB Pizza Co, Margate

GB Pizza Co, Exmouth Market

What started out as a street food venture serving pizzas from a wood fired oven in the back of a VW Campervan, GB•Pizza•Co now has a restaurant on the seafront in Margate and a newly opened site on Exmouth Market. As it was their opening weekend, all pizzas were 50% off so we thought we’d pop down to give it a try. It’s quite a … Continue reading GB Pizza Co, Exmouth Market