Egg Break, Notting Hill

Egg Break opened under the radar; there was little to no song and dance about Soho House’s latest restaurant tucked down a sleepy side street in Notting Hill. As the name suggests, the menu specialises in all things eggy and as it’s only open for breakfast and lunch, it’s a convenient brunch spot. We sat on the ground floor which had a relaxed cafe vibe. … Continue reading Egg Break, Notting Hill

Hubbard & Bell, The Hoxton Holborn Hotel

Hubbard & Bell is the restaurant inside the new Hoxton Holborn hotel (there’s also a Holborn Grind coffee shop and a Chicken Shop in the basement). It’s the creation of Nick Jones – the clever chap behind the ever growing Soho House empire. It’s a very casual space; the dining room merges pretty seemlessly between the foyer and bar area. The open kitchen and long shared … Continue reading Hubbard & Bell, The Hoxton Holborn Hotel