Porky’s, Bankside

Based in Bankside near the Globe Theatre, Porky’s is a restaurant specialising in BBQ food and as the name would suggest, there’s plenty of pork on the menu. This is the their second restaurant in London, they’ve also got one in Camden, so I can only imagine this is the start of a roll-out; just what this city needs, more BBQ! It was a deceptively … Continue reading Porky’s, Bankside

Pitt Cue Co Trailer

Let me bring you up to speed. Something called The Pitt Cue Co Trailer used to reside under the leaky Hungerford Bridge on the Southbank. It was a hit and everybody loved their pulled pork and burnt ends. They then realised they’d make loads more money opening a restaurant in Soho – so they did – and the trailer left the Southbank. The restaurant serves … Continue reading Pitt Cue Co Trailer