Paradise Garage, Bethnal Green 

Based on Paradise Row in Bethnal Green, just a few doors down from Mission, this is the third restaurant from Robin Gill – he also owns the ever popular Dairy and Manor in Clapham. It’s a really cute space with turquoise banquettes round the edge and bar stools overlooking the open bar and kitchen; there’s a slight Soho House feel to things. Our tattoo-laden waitress was … Continue reading Paradise Garage, Bethnal Green 

The Manor, Clapham 

This is Robin Gill’s second restaurant in Clapham (he also owns The Dairy) and with the recent announcement that he’s opening another one, 254 Paradise in Bethnal Green (on the same stretch as Mission), along with a deli next door to the Dairy, it’s set to be quite a year for him. I love the Dairy, but whereas that has a dark, romantic, perfect-for-dinner vibe, … Continue reading The Manor, Clapham