St John, Farringdon 

I remember my first dinner at St John, a Michelin-starred institution by Trevor Gulliver and Fergus Henderson, a good few years back. I tried tongue for the first time, both lamb and ox, and my gentleman companion struggled to finish a grouse so rare it was practically squawking. It was brilliant. We recently returned on a Thursday evening (after Lizzie Mabbot‘s Chinatown Kitchen book launch at … Continue reading St John, Farringdon 

St. John Hotel Restaurant

The original michelin starred St. John restaurant based in Farringdon is known for using every part of the animal. For example, when my gentleman companion and I went a few years ago, we had lamb tongue, ox tongue and a whole grouse that was so rare it felt like we were vultures eating the freshly dead carcass. We hoped that the menu at this new … Continue reading St. John Hotel Restaurant