Corner Room, Bethnal Green 

Situated on the first floor of the Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel, once home to Nuno Mendes’s much loved Viajante, this is somewhat of a hidden gem. Since Nuno upped sticks and went to Chiltern Firehouse (he’s opening his own restaurant in Spitalfields soon FYI), Corner Room hasn’t had much attention, so we thought we’d pop along for lunch. On our Thursday visit we were … Continue reading Corner Room, Bethnal Green 


I must start by saying this was the most exciting lunch we’ve had in London (not including The Cube which doesn’t count as it’s a pop-up restaurant). It was up there with the excitement we felt when we visited Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck, only that meal cost £150 per person for food alone, lunch at Viajante cost £35 per person for three courses (£53 with beverage … Continue reading Viajante