The Square

Sister restaurant to The Ledbury, this is more like it’s less trendy mother in law but my God does it serve up seriously tasty food. It’s less adventurous than The Ledbury and each dish is classical with its ingredients and cooking.The set lunch menu is at £35 for three courses or £30 for two. This isn’t the cheapest set lunch I’ve seen but is definitely worth the money if you’re paying for flavour.

We started with a rather enormous amuse bouche of venison ravioli. The pasta was thin and cooked perfectly with a meaty and moist venison filling. It tasted so good I felt like asking for another two plates just for myself.

My main course of roast baby monkfish tail with butternut squash was exquisite. The sweetness from the squash matched the meaty perfectly cooked monkfish. It felt like they were both sliding down my throat hand in hand and kissing my tonsils as they went.The flavour combinations were spot on. I could have eaten this dish every day for a month.
My gentleman companion’s chicken was equally delicious and moreish. The tiny florets of broccoli were aldente and a much needed vegetable on the plate. The chicken was moist and varied in the way it was cooked and presented.
Desserts were a little less exciting to look at but were still delicious. My dessert was poached apples (a posh apple crumble) and a creme anglais, served with a chestnut mousse in a little crispy wafer cone. The mousse was a bit tasteless but the wafer was a welcome added texture. It was a warm and hearty dessert.
My gentleman companion’s blood orange tart could have been presented a little more extravagantly for a 2 Michelin star restaurant. It was light, airy and expertly made but it was getting close to being too bitter for my gentleman companion’s tastebuds.
The Square doesn’t have the most exciting interior and the service wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, if anything it was a bit unmemorable, but it does serve food that will send your belly spinning with excitement.

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