Tommi’s Burger Joint, Marylebone


I absolutely loved my meal at the original Tommi’s Burger Joint pop-up so when I heard it was finally making itself a proper and more permanent home just off Marylebone High Street, I knew I had to drag my gentleman companion along to try it.

The outside

It had a similar look and vibe as before but was slightly bigger.  The premise was the same too; order at the counter, grab a seat and they’ll shout your name when it’s ready.

The counter

My gentleman companion went for the “offer of the century” which was a cheeseburger, fries and can of drink for £10.50 – not bad. The burger was just as good as I remembered; a medium-rare verging on rare patty which had oodles of flavour, neatly placed and folded crisp Iceberg lettuce and a slice of Kraft stylee cheese. Yum! It held together perfectly with very little grease drippage.

The burger

I thought I’d go posh and order the steak cheese burger (£10) which featured rump steak fillet and aged rib eye. We couldn’t tell the difference by looking at it but the beef patty had much more intense meaty flavour – I really enjoyed it. It was like a steak haché in a bun. They were both cracking burgers.

Steak burger

The fries were very tasty and much improved from my previous visit where they were under seasoned and anaemic in colour. Served in a basket, these were crisp, salty and totally moreish.

The fries

It’s not an easy thing to open a burger shop in a city filled with such high quality competition but Tomas “Tommi” Tómasson (the creator of this Icelandic burger chain) gives a lot of them a run for their money. If you want my advice, get the Offer of the Century and you can’t go wrong. All in all, Tommi’s Burger Joint has done it again; nice shop, nice staff and bloody nice burgers. A great addition to Marylebone I’d say.


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