Chicken Liquor, Brixton

Chicken Liquor

I loved our visit to Wishbone in Brixton; I’ve had the taste of the Tower Block burger and deep fried mac n cheese etched into my tastebuds ever since. When I heard it had been bought by the guys behind Meat Liquor/Market/Mission and was having a name change to Chicken Liquor (great name), I thought I’d pop down to check it out.


It’s based in Brixton Market and on our Sunday lunch visit the place was heaving – there’s such a great atmosphere round there. The restaurant inside looked exactly the same; there’s still those incredibly thin tables (possibly too thin?) opposite the bar, but we were lucky enough to grab a table outside which gave the four of us plenty of room.


Feeling a little peckish, we ordered masses of stuff and it all arrived at the same time on one humungous tray. The buffalo wings (£6) were the biggest wings I’ve ever seen (I’d like to see the size of the chicken) and their sauce was nice and fiery without being overpowering. The Chicken Shop boneless pieces (£6) were crunchy on the outside with succulent pieces of chicken on the inside and the sweet BBQ sauce was a great accompaniment.


The good thing about the buffalo chicken burger (£8), which featured a chunk of chicken drenched in more of that fiery sauce, was the bun; it really held its shape and didn’t turn to mush. For the sake of nostalgia, I went for the Tower Block burger (£7.50) which came with a hash brown atop the fried chicken fillet – this is certainly a burger for the greedy and I ruddy loved it.


The fries (£2.50) were particularly enjoyable because they were so salty which made them impossible to leave; we literally ate every last one – and we’d ordered two portions. The highlight for me was naturally the deep fried mac n cheese (£4), as anything that is cheesy, crispy, gooey and deep fried will always go down incredibly well with me! The only problem is it’s not on the menu (not sure why?) so make sure you ask for it.

Mac n cheese

Not a huge amount has changed since the takeover, which makes sense really as there was very little wrong with it before. Friendly staff, great location and deep fried mac n cheese – need I say more?


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